Persian  Sugar ‘N’ Spice is a blog about me wanting to put finger on keyboard and bring to you my love of food, the pleasure I get in sharing what I make and opening the door to my kitchen. Recreating the nostalgic tastes I’ve grown up with, from pineapple upside down cake or shepherds pie to Kashk-e-bademjan (Eggplant with fermented yogurt) or Ash-e-Reshte (Thick vegetable and noodle soup).

Why Sugar ‘N’ Spice? Well I can’t make up my mind whether I love to write about savoury or sweet! I love cooking, baking, eating and testing, making a mess and trying again and again to perfect a dish, whether it be savoury or sweet! and like most of the cooks out there like you and I, my family and friends are my tasters and critics who have joined me on my culinary journey.

You’ll find I write quite a bit about Iranian / Persian food, hence the Persian link, so there’ll be lots of saffron, cardamom, rose water and fragrant spices. I’m quite sweet toothed so it goes without saying that there’ll be a good dose of cakes, cookies and the like here as well.

I hope you’ll enjoy the recipes, I’d love to hear from you and how you get on making them.

Thank you for visiting and hope to see you here again soon.


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  1. Greetings from Paris, Lena. (Lena was my grandmother’s name.) I see that you liked my blog. I have had the pleasure of knowing several Iranians here in Paris, as well as eating in Persian restaurants and private dinner parties. And I must say that Persian/Iranian cuisine is exquisitely good! So refined and delicious.

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    1. L K Bonabi says:

      Thank you so much Juliet, it’s always lovely to hear such positive experiences of Persian/Iranian cooking. How positively cute that you grandmother’s name was Lena too 🙂


    1. L K Bonabi says:

      Thank you Travel Gourmet 🙂

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