The Pear and I!

Pear at

If I were to ask you to describe the Pear, what springs to mind? You see, as a cook and a writer, I look at things a little bit more in depth, and I would say without any reservation that the same would be true for my fellow cooks and avid writers.

So last night, I was in a particularly sorry state, the sniffling, sneezing, sore throat and throbbing head kind!! And after some hot lemon, cinnamon and honey concoction, I tried desperately to get some shuteye extremely early on in the evening!

The old body clock refused to wind down, so eyes open and blinking into the darkness, I thought of the delicious pear I had eaten earlier on, hoping that describing it to myself would lull me into sleep.

So here we are, the Pear and I. . .

This was no ordinary pear, for if it was ordinary, I wouldn’t go into such detail. No.

A short neck unlike most pears I know of, this beauty was firm to the touch and had a blush that I can only describe as a pink shade swimming in a sea of red, fading into a tinge of orange, merging into a yellowish green grass background.

It’s complete roundness and sudden protrusion reminded me of the belly of a laughing Buddha. A peaceful sign in itself.

It’s skin was ever so slightly speckled over its blush and yet smooth to the touch.

I did think twice about taking a slice, but being a lover of food I guess you know what happens next…

I picked up the knife, making sure it was sharp so that the cut was clean and crisp, complementing the beauty of this fruit,  respecting it’s sacrifice to me.

As I took a clean slice the juice dripped from my knife, revealing a light cream flesh that glistened under my kitchen spotlights.

I took a bite and the taste was heaven for so many reasons, it wasn’t just the taste or smell of the pear that hit my palette and coaxed my taste buds to salivate on overdrive, but the taste of what I can only describe as honeysuckle combined with the sweetness of nectar. An utter explosion of freshness in my mouth.

A reminder that although Summer has bid us fairwell, it has left her endearing scent in this heavenly fruit, the lusciously understated Pear.

I woke up this morning with the thought of the Pear and a mission to share this with you.  🙂

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