Lowzi is a sweet from the city of Tabriz. It’s made up of a lot of ground almonds and it’s colour depends on the amount of saffron you use to make it.

My sister in-law had bought some over with her on her visit which then gave me the bright idea of making it myself, as you do!


200g finely ground almonds

2 Tbls confectioners sugar

1 Tbls saffron (ground)

1 cup granulated sugar

11/2 cup cold water

1 tspn cream of tartar

Pistachios chopped for decorating

1 egg white

Note: You will need a rectangular dish at least 1 inch in depth (I used a plastic rectangular freezer container)  and cling film.


Grind the almonds until they are very fine and put them to one side.

Add the granulated sugar to a medium sized saucepan and pour 11/2 cups of water over in it. Place on a high heat until the sugar becomes syrupy and slightly sticky so that if you were to put it between your fingers it would stretch like honey.

Remove the sugar syrup from the heat and add the saffron to it. Stir until all the saffron has dissolved.  With a whisk (electric is preferable) start to whisk the sugar syrup using level 5 (very fast) on our whisk.

Still whisking take the egg white and slowly pour it into the syrup mixture and continue whisking. Once the syrup has become a pale white add the cream of tartar and the confectioners sugar, continue whisking.

Reduce the speed of the whisk and add the finely ground almonds.

Once all the almonds have been added and the sugar syrup has mixed into the almonds, remove the whisk and start kneading the almond mixture gently until it starts becoming tougher and more like cookie dough.

Take the rectangular container and cover the inside of it with cling film. (This will help when you need to remove the Lowzi our of the container to cut it).

Take the Lowzi and start spreading it in the container. flatten with a rolling pin or with a flat object so that the top becomes smooth.

Sprinkle the chopped pistachios over he lowzi and cover the to with cling film.

Flatten with a rolling pin or with a flat object so that the pistachios are pressed nicely in but can still be visible.

Place the Lowzi in the fridge for 3 to 4 hours.

Once the Lowzi has rested and it firm enough remove from the fridge. Pick the Lowzi our of the container by picking up the cling film from the sides of the container.

Place on a flat surface or a chopping board. Remove the top layer of cling film and discard.

Take a sharp knife and cut the lowzi into diamond shapes or square shapes.

Sprinkle some confectioners sugar on the serving plate and place the Lowzi on it, this will stop it from sticking to the plate. Enjoy eating this lovely sweet.





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