Walnut Cookies (Naan-e-Gerdooie)


The story about these lovely treats is that we were invited for dinner at our friends on Christmas Eve, so I made these treats, one of which I’m sharing with you here 🙂


3 egg yolks

1 and a half cup whole walnuts (measured and then ground)

Half a cup confectioners sugar

Half a tsp. vanilla extract

Bake at 150 degrees celsius for 20 minutes.


Whisk egg yolks till pale and doubled in size.

Add the confectioners sugar and vanilla extract and whisk till completely blended.

Take the whole walnuts and ground them. Add the ground walnuts to the mixture and mix thoroughly.

Place the mixture in the fridge for 1  hour, this will enable you to roll the paste into neat balls and flatten them into small cookies easily.

While the cookie dough is resting you can either line a baking tray with non-stick baking paper or use paper cupcake cases like I have.

Once the dough has rested and is less sticky remove from the fridge.

Using a teaspoon measure out each cookie and roll into a ball and slightly flatten.

Place the cookies either in the cupcake cases and then on the tray or directly on the baking paper covered tray.

Finally place your cookies in the oven at 150 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes.

Your cookies should be nice and brown on the outside and have a chewy texture to them in the middle.

This cookie tastes absolutely blissful when eaten the next day as the sweetness sets in better and the flavours are complemented with a good brew of saffron and cardamom tea.

Happy eating 🙂

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